Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Global Partnerships

I have been working with faculty to promote global partnerships with schools and students in other parts of our world. Our school has offered a Mandarin Chinese Level I course this year to students, encouraging them to learn more about the Asian culture. While promoting this program I applied for the K-12 Chinese Bridge Delegation a program offered by the Hanban/Confucius Institute and The College Board. There are 400 educators headed to China along with me to visit schools and learn more about the culture and language of the Chinese. My travels are going to be recorded in a blog on our school website if the country allows access to such a site. Our school is already looking to expand Asian studies by offering a level II course in Mandarin Chinese but also an art and culture elective for all students. My efforts will be designated to building a partnership with a school in China so that our students can connect with students in China to further their skills in understanding the culture and learning the language. It will also help students in China to improve their English and understand the Western culture. This is just the beginning of a global partnership that will promote learning and understanding far beyond the classroom walls. Our school community is excited to begin this journey.

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