Monday, March 15, 2010

Student's Brains are Wired Differently

I have been reading about how our brains are being transformed by the technological advances we are exposed to in the modern world. Gary SMall, M.D. and Gigi Vorgan have published the book iBrain to provide us with strategies and tips for bridging the brain gap. They define Digital Natives as being able to multi-task, parallel process, and programmed to crave instant gratification. Their brain circuitry is being rewired as they grow up in a digital world; therefore, our classrooms are full of brains not adapting to traditional learning methods. The book covers new addictions and behaviors that have resulted due to the bombardment of technology in our lives.At the close of chapter five the authors state, " we all need to speak the same language- online or off- as well as have the skills to communicate face to face and use our human instincts to guide us." I will update this post upon completing chapters 6-9. As educators I believe it is in our students' best interest that we understand how their brains are at work today.