Sunday, November 8, 2009

One-To-One Computers

I recently finished reading "A Complete Guide to Establishing a One-To-One Laptop Program" by W. Joy Lopez, Ed.D. The small book is an easy read for anyone and is packed with some technical details and professional suggestions. It provides great insight on developing a rationale for the implementation of one to one computers within a learning environment. Even an IT professional would benefit from reading through chapters 2, 3 , 5 & 7 due to the focus on infrastructure, hardware, software, and maintenance. There are some great team building activities that use cell phones as a way to get everyone involved in thought provoking questions. Chapter 8 is a good place to start the discussion on laws, regulations, Acceptable Use Policies. The appendix pages have examples of AUP's, contracts, orientations, and web resources. I would call this a handyman's pocketbook to beginning a One-to-One laptop program. It won't be enough to build a program but it sure is helpful in getting the ball rolling.