Saturday, September 3, 2011

Relationships Key to Learning

An article in Education Leadership (March 2011) written by Robert J. Marzano speaks to the relation ship element that is vital to a student's success in the classroom. He states several teacher actions that "develop the perception in students that they have a good relationship with the teacher" (p.82).
  • Showing interest in Students' Lives
  • Advocating for Students
  • Never Giving up on Students
  • Acting Friendly
The article states relationships between teachers and students as the most common variable associated with effective instruction (p. 82). He lists several researchers that have found student perceptions as the factor with the greatest impact on relationships. "Effective instruction has little to do with how a teacher actually feels about students; it's what teachers do that dictates how students perceive those relationships" (p.82)

As an administrator I practice these four key elements within the school community I work. Although I am not in the classroom I feel it necessary to get to know my 560 students and assist them in advocating for themselves, all the while I advocate on their behalf. My philosophical belief that all students can learn and succeed is the premise for my actions with students, teachers, parents, and support personnel. By modeling this behavior for my faculty and encouraging them to take the time to build healthy interpersonal relationships with their students our community will provide effective instruction. I would love to hear from others on how they are working with their faculty's' on this concept.