Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reaching for the STARS!

When a colleague of mine began to work with the community on an effort to get the vote out I was excited to offer my support. As her school families embarked upon this endeavor no one knew it would climb to such heights. The area news stations picked up on the spirit driving the campaign and began to provide additional support for this local school.

All one has to do is raise enough votes to earn a half million dollars. Sounds like an easy task but when you consider the size of some schools competing against Our Lady of Presentation School in Lee's Summit Missouri it is quite a feat that this small school has come so far. Will they make it? It truly is in the hands of the voter. Are you willing to step up and support the efforts of a small community wanting to provide an enhanced learning environment for their students? I am and I encourage you to do the same. CLICK on the VOTE now link.

Maybe you don't know the schools running. It really shouldn't matter to you. What does matter is that a business is willing to provide financial support to the educational process somewhere which will have a positive influence on children in our society. I encourage you to take the time to vote and make a difference in the lives of those who will lead tomorrow.

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