Monday, April 20, 2009

Curriculum Development Through Collaboration

As I worked with my colleagues on the curriculum development paper, the word collaboration came to mind. We each contributed to the paper bringing forth ideas, suggestions, research and a vision of our end product. Interviews were conducted to find answers to the guiding questions our instructor provided. We analyzed the interview responses, studied the district's achievement data and utilized McTighe, Wiggins and Hayes Jacobs research to outline a curriculum development plan. The non-threatening atmosphere allowed team members to engage in delivery of critical feedback, positive reinforcement and continuous revision of the paper. As students, we greatly appreciated our instructor's scoring rubric being available to us in producing our paper so that it aligned with the course expectations. As I continue to learn more about the use of technology, I believe Google docs would greatly assist team members in working collaboratively on projects/papers such as this one, especially when time is of the essence and members are from various regions.

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