Friday, April 24, 2009

Collaborative Technology To Advance Curriculum Audit

The team of educators I work with continue to share their knowledge and skills as we work towards the completion of our curriculum audit project. This project was begun several weeks ago encompassing interviews, research and professional conversations about how to develop a district wide curriculum audit that creates a sustainable curriculum review process; therefore, impacting student performance. Through email and face to face meetings we began the work of composing a document with separate pieces of writing that needed to meld together our individual ideas, yet embrace the shared vision we had adopted as a team. To further our efforts I decided to ask the team if they were interested in a way to work on one document without all the emailing and creation of a newly revised version of the same document. It sparked an interest among them, so we headed to the computer lab to establish GMail accounts for the use of Google Docs. We then practiced using Google features, assisting each other in our own areas of strength as we began to build an understanding of how this technological tool could enable us to complete our curriculum audit project. Today we are currently learning to utilize Google Docs for our team project, but the doors it opened for us all are valuable as leaders of tomorrow's future.

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