Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Movie Maker

I am learning to utilize a webcam and Windows Movie Maker software to create a 2-3 minute webcast for my first parent newsletter releasing in August. My trials began when the sound did not record, a computer reboot fixed that problem. I then realized the webcam software only records for one minute, not quite the length of time I had proposed for the webcast. After recording a few one minute episodes I then turned to Windows Movie Maker to put together the two short clips with transitions and effects, along with a photograph and music. It is a work in progress but I have learned more about using a webcam and movie making software than I ever imagined. I have great hopes that the end project will come to life for all who view the broadcast and ignite students and staff in utilizing technology creatively this school year.


  1. Most digital cameras take several minutes of video footage now, and it is easy to download in all video editing software. The resolution is probably better than a webcam too.
    I used a digital camera for middle schoolers to create an online yearbook once. They took short videos as portraits, loaded them onto video editing and were able to pick the perfect photo (still). Some were perfectly poised, others were goofy choices, but they were all able to communicate their personality in their personal selections.

  2. I have used software called Goldmail that will allow up to 10 minutes of audio recording that you record while advancing through a powerpoint presentation. Its not video, but its a great way to communicate multi-media. You might consider this for longer messages. - Jody Holsinger